Federico Jensen – Co-Chair, CBS

PhD Fellow in Global Economic Governance at Copenhagen Business School and the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research. Studies the Chinese maritime industry and their strategies for growth considering new global environmental regulations on the shipping industry and the re-configuration of global trade patterns.Passionate about basketball and societal transformations, enjoys reading and hates bios.

Bela Arora – Co-Chair, KU

Board Member at UCAPS (University of Copenhagen Association of PhD Students)PhD fellow at CMEC (Centre for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate) & Bird Migration Lab, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen; Tracking bird migration in the Himalayas along with globally spatial, phylogenetic and macroecological analyses, super curious about why we don’t see all kinds of birds everywhere!
Passionate about birds, nature, sustainability and food; enjoys swimming, skovtur (and yes, learning Danish), chess, programming in R, traveling and whisky.

Maximilian Zwicker – Treasurer, DTU

PhD fellow in Manufacturing Engineering at the Mechanical Engineering Department at DTU. Works with numerical simulations of manufacturing processes and does research on manufacturing of battery packs for electric cars. Enjoys political discussions, reading and cooking.

Viktorija Kulikovskaja – Immediate past Co-chair, AU
PhD in Management at Aarhus University conducting research on digital customer engagement.Passionate about music and arts. Enjoys running, yoga, diving and travelling the world.
Agnes Güenther – Immediate past Co-chair, CBS
PhD Fellow in Strategy and International Management at Copenhagen Business SchoolInvestigates effects of Merger and Acquisitions on Human Capital mobility, compensation, and mental health
Kasper Glerup Lauridsen – Immediate past treasurer, AU
PhD Candidate at Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University. Studies cardiopulmonary resuscitation and acute cardiology.Passionate about food and swimming.
Prefers travelling as much as possible.
Alexandra Lüth – CBS

PhD student at the Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure, Department of Economics, Copenhagen Business School. Researching the future of energy systems.
Passion for field hockey, board games and good food.
Wenjun Wang – DTU
PhD student at DTU Elektro. Studies magnetic resonance hardware. Has climbing as a hobby.
Gergana Romanova – KU

My PhD explores the phenomena of university-industry collaborations by collecting and analysing qualitative data and following individual university-industry research projects. Currently on maternity leave until October 2020 but finds it hard to remain within the microcosm of motherhood exclusively.
Leif Hemming Pedersen – RUC

PhD student at Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University.Studies the role of media and media use for conditions and processes of social recognition.
I have a wife, two kids and at least three things to do all the time.
Oda Bagøien Hustad – RUC
My PhD project is about the use of SDG 17 about partnerships in Danish development policy and practice, specifically looking at the role of business in this regard.In my spare time, I love listening to and playing music, and you will often find me in my taekwondo club where I am currently training for my black belt.
Martin Hauberg-Lund Pedersen – SDU
PhD student at the Department for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark. Studies the experiential relation between undergraduate students’ exam writing and their cognitive, emotional and behavioural study engagement.Passionate about sustainable development, poetry, vegetarian food, literature, philosophy, hiking, friends and life in all its manifestations.
Nicolas Fatras – SDU
PhD student in Energy Informatics at the University of Southern Denmark. Works on the integration of demand-side energy flexibility in energy markets, with a comparison of the Chinese and Danish energy ecosystems. 
Otherwise, you are most likely to find him in the pool, on a bike or running around beautiful Fyn. Also gets pretty heated up when it comes to sustainability debates.
Lisha Shastri – AAU
PhD Fellow in the Respiratory and Critical Care (RCare) Group at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology.Passionate about Space medicine (and all things ‘astro’ related), flying, food and travelling.
Hannah Mareike Marczinkowski – AAU
PhD Fellow in Sustainable Energy Planning at the Department of Planning in TECHHappy to support anything sustainable and fun 😉

Dan Palade – AAU

My PhD project is about integrating the data in an enterprise, from strategic level to production, and find the value in integrating this data.Enjoys a lot of stuff, mainly doing physical activity but also reading, board games and playing with my daughter. Preparing for an Ironman triathlon presently.

Cecilie Siggard Jørgensen – AU
PhD student at the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Aarhus University Hospital, in childhood incontinence. Enjoy running and spending time with my small daughter.
Ana Lucía Cárdenas – AU
PhD fellow in the Center on Autobiographical Memory Research (CONAMORE) at the Department of Psychology, AU.Enjoy travelling and dancing.