About Pand

PAND is a national network of local associations who represent PhD students at a university level. Established in January of 2017, we are devoted to facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing among the network’s member associations and to providing a common voice for PhD students in Denmark on nationally and internationally relevant topics.

The PAND board consists of two representatives from every university in Denmark and has two co-chairs who come from different institutions to ensure a broad spectrum of the PhD student population are represented.

There are four main objectives that PAND works towards; providing a common voice, promoting PhD students’ interests, supporting local associations and facilitating collaboration across our member associations.

To provide PhD students in Denmark a voice, PAND actively produces policy statements outlining issues and possible solutions to issues relevant to PhD students. Furthermore PAND responds to requests for advice from interested parties and provides a contact point for national media when PhD issues are in the spotlight. The PAND board is made up of and consults with representatives from across the country to collect views and opinions that represent the broadest spectrum of PhD students.

PAND works together with unions and academic institutions to promote supportive, healthy and realistic working conditions.

Where local PhD associations already exist, PAND works to ensure their continuity by being a repository of institutional knowledge and providing support for hosting internal and cross institute events. This same pool of institutional knowledge is called upon to start up local PhD associations to provide even more tailored services to their local PhD students.

All PAND sponsored events are open to all PhD students in Denmark, irrespective of the host institution. PAND also promotes collaboration across our members, by providing prebuilt “event in a box”, how to guides and mentor relationships with established associations.

PAND’s statute is available by clicking here and the minutes of our last General Assembly are available by clicking here.

Members of the Board

Viktorija KulikovskajaCo-Chair, AU

PhD in Management at Aarhus University

Her research focuses on digital consumer engagement. Viktorija is passionate about playing piano and performing at the theater, practicing mindfulness and meditation, yoga, chasing half marathons, and travelling the world.

Marco NardelloImmediate past Co-Chair, AAU

PhD in Materials and Production at Aalborg University

Develops models of production facilities to ease the introduction of new technologies. Sports, theater and food are his main passions outside the workplace.  

Alina GrecuBoard member, CBS
Jyoti PandeyBaord member, DTU
Alison E. HolmBoard Member, CBS

PhD fellow in International Business

Passionate about complexity and connections, works on understanding globalisation and its implications.

Elliot BrownPast Co-Chair

PhD in Fisheries Ecology at Technical University of Denmark

Whilst trained in Biology and coastal ecology, Elliot enjoys working at the science-policy interface. As Co-chair of PAND in the last term Elliot had a great time working together with motivated people.

Agnes GuentherCo-Chair, CBS

PhD fellow in Strategy & International Management

Investigating employee-firm-interactions, e.g. post-acquisition human capital mobility, labor sourcing. Engineer, Master of Science.

Vanya RusinovaImmediate past Co-Chair, CBS

PhD in International Business at Copenhagen Business School.

Her research is at the intersection of finance, corporate governance and sustainability and her PhD focuses on the drivers behind fir’s investments in corporate social responsibility.  

Morten Mørk JensenBoard Member, SDU

PhD in Protein Science at University of Southern Denmark

Enjoys playing board games with friends and new people. Is interested in the wellbeing and work environment of PhD students.

Hannah Mareike MarczinkowskiBaord member, AAU
Rojin KianianPast Co-Chair

PhD in Algorithmic Cheminformatics at University of Southern Denmark

Has background in computer science and mathematics. Her ideal day starts with yoga, ends with margaritas and has her in bed before midnight.

Kasper Glerup LauridsenTreasurer, AU
Oana AntonescuImmediate past Treasurer, KU

PhD in Protein Science at University of Copenhagen.

Burns for science and entrepreneurship, event planning, career development, meditation, good food & gintonics.

Zita GálBoard Member, KU

PhD in Cancer Research at the Danish Cancer Society/ University of Copenhagen

She has always been passionate about science and nature. Enjoys being outside, hiking and exploring other cultures and gastronomy.

Ekaterina ZhuravlevaBoard Member, KU

PhD student at University of Copenhagen

Alfonso Pizarro RamírezBoard Member, SDU

PhD student at University of Southern Denmark

Members Associations

PAUSDPh.D. Association of SDU
AUPAPh.D. Association of AU
DTUPh.D. Association of DTU
PAUPh.D. Association of AAU

Other Affiliations

KU: oana.antonescu@bio.ku.dk  

AARCH: ag@aarch.dk or ed@aarch.dk  

CBS: vr.int@cbs.dk 

Collaborating Partners

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