Welcome to PAUSD


From the momentum of PANDs establishment, Ph.D. students at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) organized themselves to form the Ph.D. association of SDU, PAUSD. Together with top-down support from PAND and the university administration, PAUSD was established on March 17th 2017, with representation across all five faculties.

Since its inception, PAUSD has been a flurry of activity, organizing regular events, such as the RAWBar. RAWBar is a reoccurring semi-intellectual Friday bar for the Ph.D. students at SDU, falling on the second Friday of the month. Over beer, the students have fleshed out RAW ideas such as making SDU the most sustainable university in the world (no less!), and the challenges of team science.

On a more serious note, PAUSD has gained representation on Ph.D.-K, a council consisting of the five Ph.D.-schools at SDU. This provides Ph.D. students at SDU with a stronger voice, directly influencing decisions that impact their work environment.

Welcome to PAUSD!