Coffee Truck Tour

From February 19 to February 22 we will be driving a coffee truck around all the universities in Denmark, to say hello and strengthen PhD students with some of that black magic liquid called coffee! 

Come grab a cup to go or stay and have a chat! We can update you on the work PAND and your local association do to represent the PhD students’ interests nationally and internationally.  If you don’t have a local association yet and would like one, let’s help you! Either way, be sure to swing by 🙂 We’ll be looking forward to seeing you.

Mon 8:30-10:30 : DTU Lyngby – Anker Engelunds Vej
Mon 12:30-14:30 : KU Copenhagen N – Next to the Biocenter entrance
Tue 8:30-10:30 : KU Copenhagen S -Near Humanities entrance and the Islands Brygge Metro station.
Tue 12:30-14:30 : ITU Copenhagen S – End of the Atrium close to the canteen
Wed 8:30-10:30 : CBS – Solbjerg, outside Cafe Nexus
Wed 12:30-14:30 : RUC Roskilde – outside building 00/01 at the entrance by the glass corridor
Thu 12:30-14:30 : AU Aarhus – Outside Vandrehallen
Fri 8:30-10:30 : AU Aarhus – Outside Vandrehallen
Fri 12:30-14:30 : AAU Aalborg – Frederik Bajers vej 7, the canteen

Link to Facebook Event:


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