PAND Strategy and Development Workshop

On the lakeside of Furesø, in the first weekend of December, the PAND board of management came together from across Denmark, to review our motivations and strategy for the coming year.

Working and brainstorming in teams, the PAND board mapped out who our organisation was established to serve, as well as the variety of partners and resources available to carry out our mission.

In amongst the heavy lifting, we took an introspective tour of both PAND’s and our individual board members’ motivations. This exercise provided us with creative ideas relevant to both PAND’s development and the individual PhD experience.

A big thank you belongs to Danske Magisterforening, who sponsored and helped to organise the workshop.

The first day’s activities fed into our board meeting on day two, where we planned our activities for the start of 2018 to meet our ambitious new goals.  Keep an eye out, here on our website, and across our social media for all of the events to come!


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