PAND is uniting PhD students voices on a pressing problematic, namely the lack of remuneration during the extension of the research period. Extension can often be caused by factors external to the researcher’s control. Examples of research-related delays and subsequent academically justified extensions include unexpected experimental results, the emergence of new literature, delays in gaining ethical approval for a project or changes in partners involved in the studies. These events are beyond the control of the PhD student and his or her working group.

An industrial report on the PhD education in Denmark points out the magnitude of this problematic. In fact, it is reported a that, depending on the research field, PhD students can take on average up to six months of unpaid work to complete their research.

PAND investigated on this problem and petitions the relevant organizations to solve this research funding and PhD employment issue.

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EDIT: On the 1st of October we corrected the content and source of the data presented in the introduction.