PAND Time Management Workshop Series 2024

Are you ready to transform how you manage your time and juggle professional and personal responsibilities without one encroaching on the other? PAND collaborates with DM to bring to you the 2024 Time Management Workshop series to be conducted by Miriam.


The workshop would be help for three weeks in May.


The workshop would be conducted online.


Register by 3 May 2023 to secure your spot.

Why Sign-up?

Several PhD students might feel exhausted and stressed due to their work commitments, inflexible deadlines and often mental pressures. While many of us know of time and stress management techniques in principle, it appears difficult to implement them in practice and stick to them for a long enough duration so that they show noteworthy or any substantial effect. This workshop would aim to bridge this gap between theory and practice. Participants are expected to learn how to apply the tools to plan and execute projects in their day-to-day lives. As an outcome of this workshop, the participants should feel empowered, more effective, and less stressed.

About Miriam:
Miriam holds a dual degree PhD from the University of Copenhagen and Ghent University. She commenced conducting workshops since August 2023 and has since been invited to host events with the University of Copenhagen (ISM, KU Lighthouse and PLEN PhD Conference). She shares her experiences with time-management with others and attempts to show them how they might have more control than they currently realise. To this extent, she self-organised a 5-week online workshop with participants from across Europe, sharing useful tips on managing academic careers. Miriam has experience in managing multi-national and interdisciplinary EU research projects for four years.

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