It was a wonderful year for PhD Association Network of Denmark!

In 2018, we’ve cemented the newly started national PhD network, managing to bring together PhD students from 7 universities in Denmark:

PAND: Uniting and supporting Denmark’s PhD students

Our organisation’s main accomplishments in 2018:

  • we started a dialogue with the heads of universities to secure PAND’s financial sustainability in the future;
  • we released the policy paper on unpaid extension of PhD studies;
  • we collaborated with local PhD associations and other volunteering organisations during the “Talk like TED” workshop, PhD community fair in Copenhagen, beer tapping experiment in Odense and coffee truck tour around Denmark;
  • we added two new members to the PAND family: a university-wide PhD association in Aalborg (PAU) and a brand new PhD association at the University of Copenhagen (UCAPS). Welcome!
  • we established working groups on four burning topics: PhD Rights, PhD Stress, PhD Isolation and PhD Career with many exciting events to look forward to in 2019;
  • we’ve put Denmark on the European map of PhD networks, by joining Eurodoc as members and active participants in their annual meeting;
  • we’ve built PhD outreach platforms (website and social media) with over 600 followers.

How did we spend our funding in 2018?

LAS (Local Association Support) – 52.9%; BSDev (Board and Strategy Development: General Assembly and Midterm Strategy meeting) – 28.5%; Comms (Communications and PR) – 11.2 %; PolNet (Political Networking: Eurodoc) – 7.2%; ADM (Administrative) – 0.2%

More than half of our expenses in 2018 were dedicated to supporting our members (local university PhD associations) in their endeavours: sponsoring PhD-related events, supporting general assemblies and promotion of local associations’ existence and values to PhD students!

Many thanks to Dansk Magisterforening, Danish Technical University and Aarhus University for their generous suppport.

We especially wish to thank our volunteers for the fantastic work they’ve put in making PAND grow so much this year. It is honourable to take care of our fellow PhD students, especially while trying to maintain high academic standards within a short timeframe. We need to keep providing a common voice for PhD students. We must promote PhD students’ economic interests. We need to keep encouraging, supporting and sustaining local PhD associations.

In the spirit of the coming holidays, we would like to ask you to seek three or four colleagues interested in PAND, to help us keep the good tradition and make all of the above possible in the next years. Write us at with your suggestions! And with any ideas of what you would like to see from us in 2019.

We wish you fantastic holidays and a happy new year.

Cheers from the PAND crew!

PAND Sunday Beers on December 16th: KU, AAU, DTU and CBS get to know each other and plan the future PAND activities