Sustainability and Open Science

Welcome to the Sustainability Working Group page! We aim to provide a unified platform at the national level to adress topics on sustainability in Danish universities. The word “sustainability” might have lost a bit of its meaning for many of us, as it is so frequently (over)used in current debates. This can however also be explained by the breadth of the topic, which touches upon every aspect of our society, and fundamentally questions our current way of life.

In this multidisciplinary context, we therefore want to promote increased communication, collaboration and coordination in academia. On this platform you will find content on our latest activities, but also hopefully get some new ideas on the topic, find research collaboration opportunities, get examples on how to implement change at your local level, and meet new people also interested in the topic.

Current Projects

  • Drafting a survey to map the coverage of the Sustainable Development Goals in research at Danish universities. Also assess the level of sustainability in research practices (“Green campuses”, etc.)
  • Promoting Open Science events, workshops and webinars around Europe.
  • One of our former members will present her experience on Preprints in the DeiC webinar “Preprints – forskning her og nu”. Here:


If you feel inspired and would like to pitch in, whether by sharing your research, starting local initiatives or setting up an event, feel free to get in touch with us (, we’re always up for new ideas!

Previous Activities